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Talent Cultivation

Endless talent development program for enterprises

Disseminate IE concept to everyone

As the most successful management method for production efficiency, IE will help to improve the living soil of enterprises, and the qualitative changes from the root would bring much more benefits to the enterprise compared with any other management methods. Companies from Taiwan attach great importance to the training of IE among the employees, and many outstanding Taiwan companies view IE as an essential of their competitiveness. A motto uphold by Foxconn is “Mold is the mother of the industry, while IE (Industrial Engineering) is the father”. IE is the foundation for enterprise management. However, IE is often under estimated despite of its importance. More thorough IE is implemented, the greater the enterprise would benefit from it. Training and application of IE theories and practices will help to establish the way of thinking in IE and a solid foundation for IE, on the basis of which, the promotion and implementation of other management techniques will be twice more effective and bring the business of the enterprise to a higher level.

Cultivation of IE talents

IE theories in the books have to be combined with practices. Even for graduates from IE majors with years of working experience, their traditional IE theories may not be superior to common people with certain IE theories, which is actually a tremendous waste of IE talents. By dissemination and practice of IE in the correct way, we hope to exceed the traditional research and application system and apply modern IE theories into the strategic positioning and planning of enterprises, as well as the organizational construction and business models, expecting to bring more valuable advices and make greater contributions to the improvement of organizations and enterprise efficiency.

Build up improved organization

Continuous improvement is pursued by each enterprise. It is required that all participants to receive training in the program and to achieve a healthy competition within the enterprise. Meanwhile, a systematic and overall performance management concept should be established, and project management process should be optimized to raise the activity of the participants, to activate the inner potential of the organization, so as to bring incalculable wealth to the enterprise.