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Enterprise Health Management

A theory should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.

——Albert Einstein



All things are potentially extremely simple rules, the more complex thing, its rule is more simple. If it still cannot be expressed by simple method, it can only say that there is not found its real law. For example, mechanics is nothing less than Newton's three law, and even most complex electricity can be attributed by I=U/R, the complex relativity into to Einstein’s E=mc2. America excellent IE textbook - "factory physics" is also trying to use a simple formula to express the plant operation rules, therefore, to the complex system on the basis of their behavior characteristics are summarized as the simple truth. Similarly, the most profound takes the simplest form!

As people's living standards improve, more and more people pay attention to health, they take the medical examination every year, obviously not for medical purposes but in order to prevent. Examination results will change and affect the life and our eating habits. Review current Chinese private enterprises, the average life expectancy of small and medium enterprises is only 2.9 years, and 8.2 years of American enterprise and 12.5 years of Japanese enterprise is compared. Chinese private enterprises died in infancy! If the enterprise is taken as a life body, and then the business is healthy or not, whether it should do regular physical examination like human being? There are 6000 companies registered in Zhongguancun, and there is less than 3% survived into the 8 year of business. If enterprises do regular physical examination, carry on the recuperation according to the corresponding physical conditioning, I believe it can prolong the life of the enterprise. If the enterprise has the health care doctor, disease will be prevented early like from "storage of food in the fridge" knowable future will be what disease probability is high, so as to prolong life of enterprise. From 80/20's law, the majority of enterprises don’t see "doctor", and then until enterprises with incurable illness often seek whatever treatment they can get. A cancer patient's family is willing to spend all the money to seek the best doctor (usually the most expensive) to treat the disease, if the results of treatment doesn’t improve immediately, then patient's family will seek more capable doctor because nobody wants to give up the last ray of hope. Finally it is found that more wealthy family, and then patient survival time is short, so it seems that "many cancer patients is not dead by disease but by tossing ". The enterprises are in similar situations, they invite "surgeon"(consulting company) what they prefer is famous and big one, even the well-known large consulting company really put the enterprise to death , top management will not feel responsibility, and even said: "they are best consulting company in the world, they were not doing well, other companies can make nothing of it." That is the reason why McKinsey put many well-known Chinese enterprises to "death" but still with brisk business in China. Nobody paid for investor's money wronged!

From the human point of view, Chinese people are more suitable for Chinese medicine. The ideas and methods of Chinese medicine treatment are not to conquer and destroy, but to reconcile and balance the supreme principle, it is not the invading virus killing, but in the transformation of the balance of Yin-Yang. Therefore, Chinese especially pay attention to Qi, regulating Qi, discharge if Sheng, then fill the empty, cold if heat, heat if cold, promote the balance of Yin-Yang, remedy defects and rectify errors. It seems that in Chinese medicine, there isn’t incurable disease, but cannot find the methods and drug therapy. Similarly for the operation and management of enterprises, so can we find a suitable TCM therapy for the enterprise?

I put forward the "Chinese type enterprise health doctor" concept, giving diagnosis method follows the traditional Chinese medicine, and the treatment process cannot make snap like western medicine, and like TCM to emphasize internal and external balance by its own function to reconcile to restore health care doctor. The concept of TCM Fundamental is more of a bold innovation and breakthrough, it makes interdependence between consultants and enterprise is higher, and there is lower risk of enterprises. This promotional video is as following, and I really hope to help entrepreneurs in urgent need to promote the enterprise management have found a "less input low risk" business consultant road, and then enterprises really open evergreen door!

Briefly introduce Chinese type enterprise health doctor as follows:

Method for examination of the enterprise is the basis of "Right à Rapid à Excellent à Save à Standardize" namely "efficient enterprise five habits" to pulse, understand the enterprise constitution and health status, and then put an antidote against the disease. Health physician is providing technical support, and not Western style make snap, but it is the same as Chinese medicine from the inside and outside the conditioning, to observe the effect, and then carries on the adjustment to the "prescription" and "quantity".