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Management Consulting

Enterprise health examination + careStrengthen the physical quality of enterprises and competitiveness in management.

“5s”of enterprise examination

View the company as a whole system and provide systematic and overall solutions. Examination the status of company regularly by means of “RightàRapidàExcellentàSaveàStandardize”

“1S ” :Right         à  Sort      

    Do the right thing, and then do thing right.    

“2S ” :Rapid        à  Straighten  

     Seize the opportunity and make a quick response (e.g., R&D of new products, quick mass production, quick product introduction, short production cycle)

“3S ” :Excellent   à  Shine

    High-standard, high-reliability, and high-quality service

“4S ” :Save          à  Standardize

    On the premise of above “3S”, maintain the high standards so as to save cost and hence to enhance the competitiveness

“5S ” :Standardize  à  Sustain

    On the basis of “4S”, keep in the working order and standards. With the aid of IT software system, reinforce the improvement, cultivate corporate culture andhabit, and set a good and healthy corporate image.

Consultation based on enterprise health care

We are the health care provider for enterprises, and are engaged in the practice of classic IE, as well as the application of modern IE and many other advanced management concepts including lean, TOC, six-sigma, etc. We commit to improve the living soil for the enterprise with innovative management concept. Wiyie provides health care services for enterprises based on IE theories + other management concepts, as well as a combination of IE + IT software. Tailor-made solutions are provided to our clients for inner system improvement and personnel training for building the talent pool. We also put much concern on our clients about their profitability, competitiveness, and operation efficiency, and try to help them to enhance the systematic performance and competitiveness, and finally get to a healthier overall status.