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EMT perspective

EMT had an accumulation of project reports and research outcomes of thousands of words, the content of which involves fine interpretation of actual cases, IE,TOC, IT, IE + IT, Lean, Six Sigma, data analysis skills. Through continuous review and analysis, we created the innovative skills of IE, Lean and TOC.

[Hands-on cases]     Details

Fine interpretation of our actual cases, including a project with a saving up to 8.76 million RMB, a case of improvement with 100 breakthrough ideas within 2weeks, as well as a case of solution for production scheduling.

[IE-Industrial Engineering]     Details

Industrial Engineering (IE) is one of the most successful productivity management theories, and Lean production is the highest level of its application in the enterprise. The famous Toyota Production System is called "money making IE". The father of modern management, Peter Drucker said that, the influence of IE had much further influence on the world than the United States Constitution and the federal system, as well as the thought - Marxism which almost had equal influence.

An IE expert of EMT was high reputed as “having no equal in yangtze river delta region”by HRD from a well-known enterprise. The main force of our team are IE professionals with abundant practical experience and research outcomes, including unique ideas and perspectives regarding IE, TOC, Lean, relationship of IE and IT, and management consulting.

[TOC-Theory of Constraints]     Details

Theory of constraints(TOC) was first proposed by Israeli physicist Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt. The essence of TOC is, based on the enterprise system, to achieve synchronization of various aspects of the system and overall improvement by focusing on the improvement of bottleneck.

Our team spent a lot of time to sum up the in-depth study and research. We had a series of high-valued articles, including the summary and analysis of TOC projects, and our perspective on the difficulty in application of TOC in China.

[Software and data analysis]     Details

We have our own professional It team, consisting of professionals with over 10 years of experience on development of various software systems. We not only have our own unique interpretation and algorithms in the aspect of IT technology, but also have profound experience in data analysis and expression by charts. We tends to do subtraction in development of software, namely, to simplify the software. In this section, you may find examples of chart expressing methods and various other practical cases, interpretation of software framework, as well as the astronomical charges of SAP and the disaster for users.

[Video]     More

Online video of classis IE, including introduction of IE in Japan, IE engineers, and office ergonomics.

[Video] Industrial Engineering in Japan, shocking!