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Different from other companies
About Emerate
Our Team
Service Key Words
Different from other companies

Why are we different from other consulting+ software companies?

Health concern for enterprise development

While many other peers focus on the temporary performance of companies, we focus more on the healthiness and lifetime of our clients.

As a corporate health care practitioner, we stand ready to examine and diagnose the enterprises, and provide them with customized business solutions.

Provide overall solution

We help our clients to realize overall improvement by learning the actual operation status and providing systematic solutions, rather than partial improvement or providing simple improving instrument.

Gather attention, identify the most valuable chain

Each level of the enterprise had an assessment index, and the top management and other levels had different concerns. Therefore, we integrated the management concept to gather attention of different levels on the most valuable chain of the company.

Do "subtraction"  and talent cultivation

Wiyie has a wealth of practical experience. The enterprise may be confused about the plenty of management concepts and terminologies, and the workers at the production line may feel more confused and even resent against the new concepts. We don’t propose various “new, strange, cool” concepts and terminologies, and instead, with the aim of fundamental and effective improvement, we adopt the world's most successful production efficiency management theory –IE. We follow the gold rules of “ECRS” of IE, provide our client with simplicity, foolproof, easy to understand and humanization, and leave the complex logic and processes of development to ourselves. During the process, the participants may get real improvement and growth, and hence are volunteered to attend the improvement activities. An improved organization is established based on actual practice and a talents pool is created for the enterprise.

Note: ECRS is the abbreviation of eliminate, combine, rearrange and simplify.

Change data warehouse to informatization

Based on the actual system of enterprises, we help them to establish an information system with the function of big data mining and chart analysis, to help management, especially top management, for decision, prediction, planning, diagnosis, analysis, evaluation and judgment.

Tailor-made software with management philosophy

Our team has system analysts who specialize in both management theories like IE, TOC and IT skills including data analysis and software development. Such talent resources enable us to integrate management concept into software development, and reinforce the improvement outcomes by software monitoring and result analysis of the operation status.

Thinking of mobile internet software

With accumulated experience in mobile internet, we integrate the thinking of mobile internet into enterprise management software, so as to enhance the communication efficiency and response speed, and make the enterprise under full control with one hand.

About Emerate

Suzhou Emerate Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 and is located in Suzhou. As an expert on enterprise health management, Emerate takes each client company as a whole system, and provides them with systematic and overall solutions, aiming to enhance the system efficiency and core competitive advantages so as to increase their longevity.

Emerate engages in the software development and management consulting for enterprise health management. We aspire to create a new service mode for Chinese service and manufacturing industry and to promote the overall maturity and industrialization of Chinese enterprises!

Software Development: Enterprise Health Monitoring + Warning

Software Development: We develop innovative hardware and software combined products to help our clients make more money. We developed various kinds of enterprise operation and management software, which was integrated with the concept of management, information analysis and big data mining, as well as the techniques of mobile internet and cloud computing. Tailored information system was designed and developed for our client, providing the management with support or decision making. A series of software was developed as tools to speed up the collection, analysis and transmission of data. Most traditional operation software is based on data warehouse and characterized by five main functions: data collection, data piling, data storage, data transmission and data retrieval.

We integrated into our software with concept of management and do data mining and analysis with IE and TOC theories. The software is used for daily management and well designed for user experience with high efficiency of the system. Our clients can use the software to reinforce and improvement the consultation achievements to facilitate the process of industrialization.

Management Consulting: Enterprise Health Examination+ Care

Management Consulting: We view each enterprise as a whole system, and provide them with regular examination and health care. We are engaged in the practice of classic IE, as well as the application of modern IE and many other advanced management concepts including lean, TOC, six sigma, etc. We commit to improve the living soil for the enterprise with innovative management concept. We break the traditional way of consulting services based on training, and created a novel style based on enterprise health management instead.

Emerate provides health care services for enterprises based on IE theories +other management concepts, as well as a combination of IE + IT software. Tailored solutions are provided to our clients for inner system improvement and personnel training for building the talent pool. We commit to help our clients to improve their overall performance and competitiveness, as well as their physical status. We are a trust worthy partner of our client for health management.

Our Team

The main force of our team are professionals with multi-industrial background and over 10 years of work experience as management in international companies, including consultants with oversea work experience, consultants with 2-3 years partnership with world famous consulting companies, and an IE expert high reputed as “having no equal in yangtze river delta region” by HRD from a well-known enterprise. Our team is composed of experts revolving from industrial technology to enterprise management with profound knowledge in IE, TOC, six-sigma theories. We are familiar with the site improvement and management. We know well about our client’s demand and have created systematic structures for overall improvement. With multi-industry background and comprehensive practices, our experts are experienced and creative, aggressive but steady, familiar with various kinds of enterprise operation modes and specializes in integrating resources and data analysis. We create values for our clients by enhancing their productivity and core competitiveness.

IE experts

IT experts

IE+IT experts

IE+TOC experts

Service Key Words

A Panoramic View

ü  View the whole enterprise as one system

ü  Provide systematic solutions

ü  Focus on improvement of the whole system rather than partial areas

ü  Maximize the financial index-related efficiency

Consulting + Software

ü  Consulting concept based on IE, integrated with theories including TOC, Lean and 6 sigma

ü  Achievements tracked, displayed and reinforced by software

ü  Software integrated with consulting concept

ü  Decision-making support via enterprise informatization

Tailor-made Services

ü  Learn but not copy is the basic ethics of our team

ü  Provide tailor-made solutions

ü  Develop tailor-made software for each client

ü  Establish characteristic management mode for each enterprise